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Samara Design can help with the design of your project, no matter the size.  From estate gardens, to portions of your property that just needs attention.  We can assist with new home construction as well as total or partial renovations of your property.  

We can also design projects remotely as long as you can provide the dimensions and any relevant grading information along with any other plans that have been developed for the site if applicable.

In addition to developing overhead plan view designs, additional planning services are described below.

Did you know?

Most landscape designs only require between a fraction of one percent,  and up to around 10 percent investment of most project budgets? 


Make sure you know exactly what you're going to get before breaking ground.  That peace of mind is more than worthwhile, and can be a tremendous money saving option.

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Have trouble visualizing the end product of a design from just an overhead plan view?  Let us rendering your design we produce for you, or add further clarity to something you've already had designed.  


Once the 3D model of the design has been produced we can provided a "snapshot" view of any viewing angle you could desire.  This allows you to ensure you have a clear view of exactly what your design should look like before the shovels hit the ground.   

Avoid any surprises and have us render your project.


Construction Details

Depending on the level of complexity involved in your design, construction details for some of the more custom elements may be required.  They may also be needed for review for Municipal, Strata, Subdivision Design Guidelines, and other reasons as well. 

Detail drawings help ensure a soundly constructed project, but also include all the fine details to be incorporated to elevate the custom look of the project.  The detail drawings may include further detailed plan/section/elevations drawings, dimensions, construction process annotations, and expanded material specification information from what is included in the Master Plan.  They could also include 3D views as well.

Create your dream landscape.
Tell us about your project today.

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