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Samara Landscape Design has been providing imaginative solutions for your residential design needs since 2001.  Serving the Greater Vancouver area, and beyond - wherever you're located, contact us to see how we can help you.

What we've got going on

Check out some designs just being wrapped up.

previous client - PHASE 2

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sideyard KOI POND

from conservatory.jpg

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Did you know?

Most landscape designs only require between a 1 and 10 percent investment of most project budgets?  Make sure you know exactly what you're going to get before breaking ground.  That peace of mind is more than worthwhile.



Samara Design shall be undertaking new designs for a recreational property renovation in the Cariboo as well as a new home in Comox. 



Check out an in-progress preview of the Comox project here

fireplace dusk.jpg

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featured PROJECT


A lot, in not a lot - of space that is.  

This backyard oasis was created in a very awkwardly shaped back garden space.  The final design includes a pool, hot tub, fire pit, and covered

outdoor kitchen with bar.


030719 2019-03-07 16333700000.jpg

Who says you can't get use out of a postage stamp sized courtyard?  The design was created to make the space as usable as possible and to create key focal points from the interior of the house.  The rendering is shown on the left.  Click below for more info

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